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“Norman and Norris Mailer Seem Letter-Perfect for Roles of Literary Legends Who Lived Large.” Article-interview by Debbie Foreman. Cape Cod Times, 15 September, B1-B2. Both Mailers discuss the dramatic dialogue, “Zelda, Scott and Ernest,” they will present with George Plimpton later in September in Provincetown. Of Hemingway, Mailer says:

He changed the ways in which we perceive things, and he changed the way in which we write. Either one is enough to make you a great writer. What he lacks—all great writers lack something—is a certain charity of mind. He was very narrow-minded, and so that shows in his work. But on the other hand, it also gives that intensity, that luster, that patina that you think of when you feel Hemingway’s prose.

See 01.2, 02.1.