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On God: An Uncommon Conversation. With Michael Lennon. New York: Random House, 16 October. 215 pp., $26.95.

On God (2007)

Dedication: From Mailer: “To my wife, my sister, my children, my grandchildren; from Lennon: “To my sisters, Kathleen Arruda and Maureen Macedo.”

Consists of edited transcripts of ten conversations between Lennon and Mailer that took place in Provincetown from June 2003 to June 2006.


I have spent the last fifty years trying to contemplate the nature of God. If I speak specifically of fifty years, it is because my pride in the initial thirty-odd years of my life was to an atheist—how much more difficult and honorable I then considered that to be, rather than having a belief in an All-Mighty divinity. I was a novelist, after all (as will be noted frequently in these interviews), so I was intensely, even professionally, aware of the variety, and complexity, of human motivation and its offspring—morality. It took a good number of years to recognize that I did believe in God—that is, believed there is a divine presence in existence.

Rpt: 73.38, 73.43.

On God Italian (2007)