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Barbary Shore. New York: Rinehart, 24 May; London: Cape, 21 January 1952. Novel, 312 pp., $3.

Barbary Shore (1951)

The 1971 Cape hardcover edition and the 1973 softcover Panther edition (a Cape imprint) contains a “Note from the Author,” which consists of “Second Advertisement for Myself: Barbary Shore” (minus final sentence, with one other small change) from 59.13. Dedication: “To Jean Malaquais.” A dramatic version was presented at the New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater, 10-27 January 1974. Jack Gelber wrote and directed the adaptation, which has never been published. Rpt: 59.13 (eight brief excerpts from novel, nine pp. total); 98.7 (partial). See 03.7, 23-26 and 13.2, 122-35.


I started Barbary Shore as some sort of fellow-traveler, and finished with a political position which was a far-flung mutation of Trotskyism. And the drafts of the book reflected these ideological changes so drastically that the last draft of Barbary Shore is a different novel altogether and has almost nothing in common with the first draft but the names. (64.1)