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St. George and the Godfather. New York: New American Library, late October, softcover. Nonfiction narrative on the 1972 political conventions, 229 pp., $1.50.

St. George and the Godfather (1972)

Dedication: “To dad (alias Isaac Barnett Mailer).” A September publication date is given on the copyright page; it is incorrect, as explained in 72.12, 72.19. Rpt: Advance excerpts appeared in Life (72.10) and New York Review of Books (72.20); 76.5; with an introduction by John Leonard in the first hardcover and (simultaneous) softcover editions. New York: Arbor House (83.49); 98.7 (partial).


So Norman Mailer, who looked to rule himself by Voltaire’s catch-all precept, ‘Once a philosopher, twice a pervert’ and preferred therefore never to repeat a technique, was still obliged to call himself Aquarius again for he had not been in Miami two days before he knew he would not write objectively about the Convention of ’72. (72.17)