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The Fight. Boston: Little, Brown, 21 July; London: Hart-Davis, 1976. Nonfiction narrative on the Muhammad Ali-George Foreman 30 October 1974 boxing match in Zaire, 239 pp., $7.95.


No dedication. Rpt: An earlier, shorter version of the narrative appeared in two parts in Playboy (75.8, 75.9). Mailer includes excerpts from eight chapters in The Time of Our Time (98.7). See 64.18, 67.12, 71.15, 71.26, 75.13, 77.13.


Now our Man of wisdom had a vice. He wrote about himself. Not only would he describe the events he saw, but his own small effect on events. This irritated critics. They spoke of ego trips and the unattractive dimensions of his narcissism. Such criticism did not hurt too much. He had already had a love affair with himself, and it used up a good deal of love. He was no longer pleased with his presence. His daily reactions bored him. They were becoming like everyone else’s. His mind, he noticed, was beginning to spin its wheels…. (75.12)