The Rolling Stone Interview, Part II: Sympathy for the Devil.” By Richard Stratton. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz. Rolling Stone, 16 January, 42-43, 45-47, 54, 56-57. Contains Mailer’s longest interview discussion of God and the Devil since 59.2 (see 75.11, 82.15, 83.45, 89.11), and comment on a variety of other topics: Women’s Liberation, Ken Kesey, Thomas Pynchon, his novel-in-progress (Ancient Evenings, 83.18), the Rolling Stones and rock and roll, Patti Hearst, LSD, Ulysses S. Grant and literary deadlines: “Literature is not a temple. Literature is an act. If you’re a working literary man, it’s obviously analogous to a sexual act. You’re better on some days than on others.” Rpt: As the second part of “In Search of the Devil” in 82.16 (partial). See 75.1.

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