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Pieces and Pontifications (Pontifications edited with introduction by Michael Lennon). Boston: Little, Brown, 21 June; simultaneously as two softcovers, Pieces and Pontifications; Sevenoaks, Kent: New English Library, July 1983. Essays (208 pp.) and Interviews (192 pp.), respectively, $20


Dedication: “For my sister, Barbara.” Discarded titles: “After ‘The White Negro’”; “Sinking in the Seventies.” Most of the interviews in Pieces were trimmed by Mailer. Rpt: A number of the essays and interviews are reprinted in The Time of Our Time (98.7). See 76.15.


Here, then, are two sides of myself as I survived the Seventies—my literary ghost looking for that little refinement of one’s art which becomes essential as one grows older, and the cry of the street debater, front and center, who always speaks in the loudest voice. (82.16)