Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man: An Interpretive Biography. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 15 October; London: Little, Brown. 284 illustrations, including 48 color plates, 400 pp., $35.

Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man (1995)

Dedication: “To Judith McNally; For her insights and her labors large and small that contributed so much to the publication of this work.” Discarded title: “Pablo and Fernande: Portrait of Picasso as a Young Artist.” See 59.8, 61.10, 93.4, 93.5, 94.8, 1995 entries, 96.3.


Picasso wished to penetrate into more and more secrets of the universe. Now, you have to understand that he considered himself an atheist. He had a tremendous animosity toward the church. But he was also, and this is the argument in my book, immensely aware of the presence of God in almost everything he did. He saw himself as on a parapet, if you will, daring God. (95.37)


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