The Gospel According to the Son. New York: Random House, 2 May; London: Little, Brown, 18 September. Novel, 224 pp., $22.

The Gospel According to the Son (1997)

Dedication: “To Susan, Danielle, Elizabeth, Kate, Michael, Stephen, Maggie, Matthew, and John Buffalo.”

Acknowledgments: “I would like to give an acknowledgment to my wife, Norris; to my assistant, Judith McNally; to my friends Michael Lennon and Robert Lucid; to Veronica Windholz; and to James and Gaynell Davis, who all offered signal contributions to this work. And not least, to Jason Epstein, Joy de Menil, and Andrew Wylie.”

Rpt: All of 97.13 was published in the (New York) Daily News (97.6) in 19 parts before book publication. Advance excerpts also appeared in the New York Times (97.8) and the Chicago Sun-Times (97.9). Seven excerpts are reprinted in The Time of Our Time (98.7). See 1997 entries.


So I thought: If I can write about Osiris and Ra, then certainly the New Testament is not going to be that difficult to do. And in a sense, it wasn’t. In contrast to the complexity of the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, this is simpler and more beautiful. And far more cohesive. It was perfectly conceivable to me that one could have a character in a novel who’s the son of God. Novelists are supposed to look into the eye of the tiger. (97.3)

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