Select Secondary Bibliography

Secondary references are divided into five sections:

Bibliographies Biographies Cultural Backgrounds Reviews & Essays Critical Essays & Books

There is some unavoidable overlapping between some of the items in this section and “Works” because a number of critical essays and books, as well as memoirs and biographical writings, contain Mailer quotations not found elsewhere. The secondary items refer back to “Works,” but not vice versa. The web of cross-reference may be drawn tighter by users of this project; we have gone as far as seemed useful.

The cultural backgrounds section contains many items that arguably could be better placed with the critical materials. Their location is an attempt to identify key references to the worlds (and demimondes) Mailer has moved in, sometimes with reference to him, sometimes not. This section is far from exhaustive and is more a reflection of our Mailer library than any comprehensive plan.

The volume of reference to Mailer grows, if not exponentially, then constantly and quite rapidly. We are confident that the forthcoming accretions, and the inevitable omissions, will prompt future addenda and corrigenda to this volume. We request that you help us with your comments, corrections and discoveries.

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