“Top Ten things I Learned from Norman Mailer.” Transcript of a panel discussion among Peter Alson, Danielle Mailer, Elizabeth Mailer, and Jeffrey Michelson, with several quotations from Mailer, at the 2015 Mailer Society meeting in Provincetown.


“People Who Look Alike Are Alike.” Transcript of a speech given by Kate Mailer at the 2015 Mailer Society meeting in Provincetown, with quotations from her father.


The Collision.” Mailer Review, 10-16. Unpublished short story about a hockey game, Mailer’s first complete short story, written in January 1933, shortly before his tenth birthday. Preceded by a facsimile of the original manuscript from the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas-Austin.


The Fight. Los Angeles: Taschen, 15 July. 260 pp., $700, oversize, abridged, limited edition of 1974 copies. No dedication. Edited by Nina Weiner. Conceived by Lawrence Schiller. Photos by Howard Bingham and Neil Leifer. Introduction by J. Michael Lennon.

The Fight


The Writer’s Daughter.” Transcript of a speech by Danielle Mailer given at the 2014 Mailer Society meeting at Wilkes University, with quotations from her father.


The Thalian Adventure.” Mailer Review, 8-26. Previously unpublished Mailer short story, written circa 1951. Preceded by a facsimile of the original manuscript from the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas-Austin.


Norman Mailer: Why I Am Protesting the Presidency.” Interview by Amy Goodman. Transcript of interview on radio station WOMR in Provincetown on the eve of the 2004 Democratic convention, June 26-29. Mailer endorses Sen. John Kerry, and lambastes President Bush as a toady of corporations. He also speaks at length about the efficacy of the 1967 March on the Pentagon.


Norman Mailer: JFK, Superman Comes to the Supermarket. Edited by Nina Wiener. Conceived by Lawrence Schiller. Art Direction by Josh Baker. Introduction by J. Michael Lennon. Los Angeles: Taschen, 5 December. 370 pp., $150, oversize. No dedication. Besides Mailer’s 1960 report on the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles (60.9), and his essay on Jacqueline Kennedy (62.14), this 8 x 12 x 2.8 inch volume contains over 300 photographs of JFK’s 1960 presidential campaign, including one of the opening page of 60.9 where Mailer has crossed out “Supermart” and written in “Supermarket” (and signed his name), restoring what Esquire publisher Arnold Gingrich arbitrarily changed when the essay first appeared three weeks before the 1960 presidential election. See 60.9, 63.37.



Selected Letters of Norman Mailer. Edited by J. Michael Lennon. New York: Random House, 2 December. 867 pp., $40. Dedication: “To Nancy A. Potter, with me from the start, with love and gratitude.” Seven hundred and fourteen letters, 1940 to 2007, selected from the approximately 45,000 Mailer wrote over his lifetime. Includes an introduction, 90 pages of notes, a select secondary bibliography, a list of Mailer’s books, and an index. See 04.7.



An Excerpt from Mailer’s Last Interview.” By J. Michael Lennon. Mailer Review, 17-20. Mailer discusses his friend Robert Lindner, and the founding of the Village Voice in this interview, conducted in Provincetown 18 September 2007, less than two months before his death.