Norman Mailer: Moonfire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11. Conceived by Lawrence Schiller. Text edited by J. Michael Lennon. Introduction by Colum McCann. Los Angeles: Taschen Books, 1 June. 345 pp., oversize, $40. Abridged version of Of a Fire on the Moon (71.1), with hundreds of photographs and maps from NASA, magazine archives and private collections.



Norman Mailer: Letters to Jack Abbott.” Edited by J. Michael Lennon. New York Review of Books, 12 March, 26-26. Five letters, 1959-1988, two to Abbott, one each to Alfred Kazin, Arnold Kemp, and Helen Morris. All five are reprinted in 14.3. See 89.14.


Norman Mailer: ‘Deer Park’ Letters.” Edited by J. Michael Lennon. New York Review of Books, 26 February, 19-20, 22. Six letters, 1953-55, written while Mailer was writing The Deer Park (55.4), or just afterwards. Four are to William Styron, one to James jones, and one to Vance Bourjaily. All six are reprinted in 14.3.


Norman Mailer: Letters on Writing.” Edited by J. Michael Lennon. New York Review of Books, 12 February, 19-20. Four letters, 1946-52, to his parents, Adeline Lubell, Max Gissen, and Lilian Hellman. All four are reprinted in 14.3.


“A Man of Letters.” Edited by J. Michael Lennon. Playboy, January, 70-72, 142-48. Twenty-eight letters, 1952-2008, to 23 different individuals, including Gore Vidal, James Baldwin, Truman Capote, Lillian Ross and Gordon Lish. Twenty-four of the letters are reprinted in 14.3.


Mailer Review. The 2008 double issue contains all the statements made by 25 individuals, members of Mailer’s family and his friends, at the 9 April 9, 2008 memorial program for Mailer at Carnegie Hall, “The Time of His Time: A Celebration of the Life of Norman Mailer,” sponsored by Mailer’s publisher, Random House, and produced by Norris Church Mailer, Lawrence Schiller, Carol Schneider, and J. Michael Lennon. Mailer is quoted innumerable times in these eulogies, and in many others collected in this volume.



What’s Wrong with America: Five Proposals.” With introductory note by J. Michael Lennon. Mailer Review, 216-18. Written as part of a 1992 Chrysler Corporation project advertising supplement that would extol Chrysler cars and be accompanied by “ideas you don’t want to hear” from a variety of writers. The project was abandoned. One of Mailer’s proposals was to limit advertising. Mailer also called for the elimination of the copper penny, and a law forbidding doctors to be sued for malpractice.


“The Bodily Function Blues.” Mailer Review, 221-23. Mailer’s lyrics, to be sung to the tune of W.C. Handy’s “St. Louis Blues,” written when a sophomore at Harvard. With Note by J. Michael Lennon. Mailer sang variations of it at family gatherings well into his 80s, delivering it with gusto and exaggerated earthiness in his baritone voice.


George, Being George. Edited by Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr. New York: Random House, 21 October 2008. An oral biography of George Plimpton, who died in 2003, with recollections from over 200 friends and colleagues, including a number from Mailer. See 77.13.