“Top Ten things I Learned from Norman Mailer.” Transcript of a panel discussion among Peter Alson, Danielle Mailer, Elizabeth Mailer, and Jeffrey Michelson, with several quotations from Mailer, at the 2015 Mailer Society meeting in Provincetown.


“People Who Look Alike Are Alike.” Transcript of a speech given by Kate Mailer at the 2015 Mailer Society meeting in Provincetown, with quotations from her father.


The Writer’s Daughter.” Transcript of a speech by Danielle Mailer given at the 2014 Mailer Society meeting at Wilkes University, with quotations from her father.


Norman Mailer: Why I Am Protesting the Presidency.” Interview by Amy Goodman. Transcript of interview on radio station WOMR in Provincetown on the eve of the 2004 Democratic convention, June 26-29. Mailer endorses Sen. John Kerry, and lambastes President Bush as a toady of corporations. He also speaks at length about the efficacy of the 1967 March on the Pentagon.


An Excerpt from Mailer’s Last Interview.” By J. Michael Lennon. Mailer Review, 17-20. Mailer discusses his friend Robert Lindner, and the founding of the Village Voice in this interview, conducted in Provincetown 18 September 2007, less than two months before his death.


Norman Mailer: A Double Life. By J. Michael Lennon. New York: Simon and Schuster, 15 October. 947 pp., $40. Dedication: “To my wife, Donna Pedro Lennon, and Barbara Mailer Wasserman, with love and gratitude. And to the memory of Robert F. Lucid.” Authorized biography, with extensive quotations from Mailer’s unpublished letters, interviews with him, and with 85 others—his family, friends, and literary associates.



Mailer is Back.” Interview by J. Michael Lennon. Mailer Review, 67-76. Original, uncut version of 1991 interview published in the Chicago Tribune (91.17).


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Norman Mailer’s Eclectic Life, as Seen Through His Last Home.” Article-interview by Joseph Berger. New York Times, 2 May. A portrait of Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights apartment, with his son Michael giving a guided tour.

Mailer’s words are recalled by Michael. He said to him in his later years: “I could not have been the writer I am today and been more of a father to you.” Michael answered, “I’d take quality over quantity any day.”