in Days


The Deer Park: A Play opens at Theatre DeLys in New York on 31 January; it closes 21 May after 127 performances. Mailer underwrites the production and loses money. The cast includes his wife Beverly, ex-wife Adele, Rip Torn and his old friend, actor Mickey Knox.

On 24 May, he is inducted into the National Institute of Arts and Letter. Publishes four books: The Short Fiction of Norman Mailer which contains 19 stories written from 1940 to 1962 (11 May); The Deer Park: A Play (7 August); Why Are We in Vietnam? (15 September); The Bullfight, a portrait of Mexican bullfighter Amado Ramirez, known as “El Loco” (mid-November); makes two experimental films, “Wild 90” and “Beyond the Law,” co-produced by his close friend, Buzz Farbar.

Eddie Bonetti and Norman Mailer (1967)

Beverly Bently, Norman Mailer

On 21 October, he takes part in an anti-war protest at the Pentagon, along with Robert Lowell, Noam Chomsky and Dwight Macdonald. Why Are We in Vietnam? is nominated for the National Book Award.

Norman Mailer (c.1967)