In spring semester, he takes Howard Mumford Jones’s “Modern American Literature,” one of two literature classes he takes at Harvard—a drama survey class taken senior year is other. In the summer, he works briefly as an attendant at the Boston State Hospital, formerly called the Lunatic Asylum, and then writes a play based on his experience titled “The Naked and the Dead.”

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“Maybe Next Year.” Harvard Advocate, June, 25-27. Story. When Mailer reprinted it in Advertisements for Myself (59.13), he noted that “the prose is Salinger-ish, but the inspiration was by Faulkner.” Rpt: The Harvard Advocate Anthology, edited by Donald Hall. New York: Twayne, 1950; 59.13, 67.11, 82.19.



“Right Shoe on Left Foot.” Harvard Advocate, May, 12-18, 30-33. Story of racial and sexual violence in the South, never reprinted.