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Mailer and Bea divorce in late January. Begins work on The Deer Park. In February, he rents a studio in the Ovington Building on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, which he maintains for several years. He is amazed to learn that the Russian spy, Col. Rudolph Abel (exchanged for U-2 pilot Gary Powers in 1962), has […]

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“The Dead Gook.” In Discovery, No. 1, edited by John W. Aldridge and Vance Bourjaily, 56-76. New York: Pocket Books, December, softcover. Story about a jungle patrol with partisans in the Philippines. In his prefatory “advertisement” to this story, 52.2 and 53.2 in Advertisements for Myself (59.13), Mailer notes that he has “no great pride […]

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“The Paper House.” In New World Writing: Second Mentor Collection, 58-69. New York: New American Library, November, softcover. Story set in occupied Japan. Dedicated to Vance Bourjaily, “who told me the anecdote on which the story is based.” Rpt: Lilliput’s Extra Holiday Reading (London), August 1953; 59.13, 67.11, 68.32, 82.19, and Stag, February, 1975. NM […]

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“Our Country and Our Culture: A Symposium.” Partisan Review 19 (May-June), 298-301. Symposium contribution. Twenty-five American writers wrestle with four questions on the “new” and more positive relationship between American writers and intellectuals and mass democratic culture. Mailer declares straightaway that he is “in almost total disagreement with the assumptions of this symposium,” and goes […]

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“Authors Debate U.S., USSR Issues at Mt. Holyoke.” No Author. Springfield Union, 27 March 1952. Article-Interview. Report on a debate, titled “The U.S.A. or the USSR,” between Mailer and Dwight Macdonald at this private college in South Hadley, Mass. on 26 March. Macdonald’s speech, titled “I Choose the West,” was reprinted in his collection, Memoirs […]

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