In April, “The Language of Men,” a short story, is published in Esquire, the first of over 40 Mailer appearances in this magazine.

Mailer and Adele visit New Orleans (where he takes peyote for the first and last time) and Mexico in the summer and early fall.

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Statement for class record. In Harvard College, Class of 1943: Tenth Anniversary Report, 262. Cambridge, Harvard University. In his 214-word statement, Mailer reprises his activities from induction into the Army in March 1944 to work on an unnamed novel [The Deer Park (55.4)]. See 49.4, 58.6, 83.59.


“The Notebook.” Cornhill Magazine, no. 996 (summer), 481-84. Story, “written in an hour,” as Mailer reports in the “advertisement” prefacing it in Advertisement for Myself (59.13), about writers as perpetual observers. Rpt: The Berkley Book of Modern Writing, No. 3, edited by William Phillips and Philip Rahv. New York: Berkley, January 1956, softcover; 59.13, 67.11, 82.19. Although Cornhill is not listed on the acknowledgments page in 59.13, and The Berkley Book of Modern Writing is, Mailer says in the prefatory “advertisement” to the story that Cornhill has precedence.



“Pierrot.” World Review (London), New Series 50 (April-May), 44-50. Story about a prototype Greenwich Village Beatnik. Rpt: With many small changes in 59.13 as “The Patron Saint of MacDougal Alley.” Mailer notes in 59.13 that he wrote it about the same time as his war stories (52.2, 52.3, 53.2) and “The Notebook” (53.4).


“The Language of Men.” Esquire, April, 61, 115-17. Story, based on Mailer’s experience as an Army cook in occupied Japan. First of more than 40 contributions to the magazine with which Mailer has been most closely identified. Rpt: Various Temptations. New York: Avon, 1955, softcover; The Armchair Esquire, edited by Arnold Gingrich and L. Rust Hills. New York: Putnam’s, 1958; 59.13, 67.11, 68.32, 82.19; Esquire Classics (registration required).


“Backstage with Esky.” Interview by Esquire editor. Esquire, April, 15-16. Comment on Barbary Shore (51.1), 53.2 and Mailer’s stint in Hollywood, 1949-50. Rpt: 88.6.