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Danielle born to Adele 16 March. “The White Negro,” which has its origins in “Lipton’s” and is one of the most celebrated postwar essays by an American, is published in the summer number of Dissent. Completes work on the first draft of a dramatic version of The Deer Park.

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“Mailer Finishes First Stage Work.” Article by Louis Calta. New York Times, 5 December, 47. Mailer tells Calta that he has finished a stage version of his novel, The Deer Park (55.4), and it is being read by a Broadway producer. He says the play is in four acts, calls for twelve characters and runs […]

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“The White Negro (Superficial Reflections on the Hipster).” Dissent 4 (summer), 276-93. Essay. Mailer’s most celebrated and castigated essay is also one of the most anthologized since World War II. It is usually reprinted with “Reflections on Hipsterism” (58.1), a follow-up discussion of the original essay. Rpt: The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men, […]

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