Untitled prefatory statement to Managing Mailer, by Joe Flaherty. New York: Coward-McCann, 1 May; London: Michael Joseph. This account of Mailer’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York by his campaign manager quotes Mailer extensively. Mailer says in the untitled prefatory statement or blurb that “Flaherty treats a dozen delicate egos like golf balls and then proceeds to see how far he can whap them.” Rpt: Flaherty’s earlier account of the campaign’s origins (69.10) was later incorporated into Managing Mailer. See numerous other 1969 entries on the mayoral campaign.



“Confrontation with Norman Mailer.” Article by Albert Slap. Thirty-Fourth Street: Magazine of the Daily Pennsylvanian, 23 April, 3-4. Account of Mailer’s visit to the University of Pennsylvania, where he reflected on the country in the wake of the Apollo 11 mission to Mars: “America is completely schizophrenic now. There is not one America. You might say the country has two capitals. On is the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston. The other, Woodstock.”


Testimony at the trial of the Chicago Seven. The Tales of Hoffman, edited from the official transcript by Mark L. Levine, George C. McNamee and Daniel Greenberg, 204-7. Introduction by Dwight Macdonald. New York: Bantam, March, softcover. Mailer explains his involvement with Jerry Rubin, one of those indicted, and summarizes his speech given at Grant Park in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention. Mailer’s speech is given in Miami and the Siege of Chicago (68.25). See 70.2, 70.3.


Letter to the editor. Writer’s Digest, March, 10. Complaint about accuracy of Oriana Fallaci’s interview with Mailer in Writer’s Digest (68.21). Mailer says, “My words, my style, my very clumsiness of speech” were converted via translation from English to Italian back to English “into the spoiled and petulant tones of an Italian intellectual loved somewhat too much by his mother.”


“Mailer’s Opera.” Article by Charles Matz. Opera News, 21 February, 14-16; cover photograph of Mailer. Account of the genesis of Matz’s libretto for An American Dream (65.7) and its first reading at Mailer’s home, with quotes from Mailer. No composer was found and the opera remains incomplete.


“Mailer Says Piety Dulls Moon Appeal.” AP wire story, 31 January. Mailer says that the astronauts are “tough men—daredevils,” but in their work for the space program, “suddenly they have to be priests.” He continues: NASA “succeeded in making the transcendental event of the 20th century boring.”


“ ’68 Yippie Plans Stunned Mailer.” Article by J. Anthony Lukas. New York Times, 28 January, 20. Another account of Mailer’s press conference on the trial of the Chicago Seven, more comprehensive than 70.2. Also included is an account of Mailer, Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman eating lunch at Chicago’s Standard Club, with Judge Hoffman present. Rpt: Part of Mailer’s trial testimony in 70.6.


“Mailer on Chi 7 Judge: ‘A Fast Featherweight.’” Article by Doug Ireland. New York Post, 28 January. Report on Mailer’s press conference where he commented on his testimony at the trial of the Chicago Seven for conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The presiding judge, Julius J. Hoffman, chided Mailer for loquacity. Rpt: Part of Mailer’s testimony in 70.6. See 70.3.


“A Dream of the Future’s Face.” Life, 9 January, 56-57, 60, 62, 62B, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74. Nonfiction narrative. Third of a three-part series on the 1969 moon shot, later incorporated with much reordering into Of a Fire on the Moon (71.1). See 69.81, 69.83.