A facsimile of the manuscript of Mailer’s unpublished 1943 novel, A Transit to Narcissus, is published by Howard Fertig in January.

John Buffalo born to Norris on 16 April.

Norris, John Buffalo, and NM (c.1979)

Summers again in Mt. Desert, ME. Judith McNally becomes Mailer’s secretary and continues in that role until her death in 2006.

Mailer and Jacqueline Onassis (1978)

in Days | 49 Words


Comments. In The Great American Newspaper: The Rise and Fall of the “Village Voice,” by Kevin Michael McAuliffe, passim. New York: Scribner’s. One of the most extensive treatments of Mailer’s association with the Village Voice. See 56.156.24, and Mailer’s 25 February 1974 letter to Harper Barnes in 14.3.


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A Transit to Narcissus. New York: Howard Fertig, 29 March. Facsimile of typescript of previously unpublished novel, written in 1943, 820 pp., $100.

Includes Appendices A-G containing later revisions. No dedication. Limited edition of 1,000. See 73.12, 77.10.

A Transit to Narcissus (1943)


“On Weed and Karma.” Transcript of Mailer’s testimony at trial of Robert Rowbotham in Ontario for drug smuggling. Stone Age, no. 1 (winter), 28-29. See 77.3.