“Dick Cavett Looks behind Norman Mailer’s New Face.” Article by Craig Wyatt, Gannett News Service. Tucson Daily Gazette, 16 November. Provides a few quotes from Mailer’s two-part interview with Dick Cavett on PBS, broadcast on 20 and 21 November on 79.14. See 79.29.


“A Murderer’s Tale: Norman Mailer Talking to Melvyn Bragg.” Interview. Listener, 15 November, 660-62; cover photograph of Mailer. Conducted in early 1979 at Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights apartment, this important interview was broadcast in a greatly truncated form on BBC’s “The South Bank Show” before appearing in the same form in Listener. Contains extended discussion of 79.14, including Gilmore’s suicide attempt, his relations with the media, fan mail, and Mailer’s views on the documentary novel. Rpt: 88.6.


“Tamed—by Four Wives and Two Lovers.” Article-interview by Peter Grosvenor. (London) Daily Express, 13 November, 9. Focus of this piece is Gilmore’s character as presented in 79.14. Mailer says, “He could be mean, nasty, selfish and violent. And yet he also proved he could truly love a woman, and not every man can say that.”


“Prisons of Wedlock!” Article-interview by Diana Hutchinson. (London) Daily Mail, 13 November, 7. Mailer talks as much about his financial problems as 79.14 in this piece, another interview on the book tour in England.


“Mailer Sings of a Killer.” Article-interview by David Spark. (Darlington, Durham) Northern Echo, 13 November. On the book tour in England for 79.14, Mailer tells Spark in this brief piece that “ideas are in the book only as people embody them. There are no ideas of my own in the book.”


“Intimations of Violence.” Article-interview by Tom Davies. (London) Observer, 11 November, 51. Mailer is interviewed in New York just prior to his promotional trip to England for 79.14. He talks about 79.14, and comments on Ernest Hemingway: “I really hated him when he killed himself. It was like your own father killing himself.”


“Private Lives.” Article by John Leonard. New York Times, 7 November, Sec. C, p. 14. Humorous article chronicling Leonard’s relations with Mailer including Mailer’s comments on Leonard’s review of his book of poems, Deaths for the Ladies (and Other Disasters) (62.3).


“‘Genius’ Writes Gilmore Book.” Article by Richard Barnum-Reece. (Ogden, IT) Standard Examiner, 7 November. Speaking to an audience of 2,000 college students in Salt Lake City, Mailer said, “I believe that even a punk like Gilmore has a piece of God’s substance. He contains a portion of that profoundly mysterious impulse.”


Letter to the editor. The Harvard Advocate 103, nos. 1 and 2, November. Robert Lowell commemorative issue. Mailer’s letter, which precedes his portrait of Lowell from The Armies of the Night (68.8), notes that he wrote about him in that book “out of a superficial knowledge and from a tangent, and so was seeing facets of him they [close friends] had long forgotten about.”


“The Executioner’s Song.” Playboy, November, 136-39, 170, 193-94, 264, 266-70, 272, 274, 276-78, 280, 282, 284, 288. Nonfiction narrative on Gary Gilmore. Illustrated by Marshall Arisman. Rpt: Appearing at the same time or shortly after the first edition of The Executioner’s Song (79.14), this excerpt is a compressed version of chapters 9-18. Second of three installments.