“‘Tough Guy’ Mailer Shows He Can Dance with the Big Boys: Novelist Directs First Major Film.” Article-interview by Roger Ebert. Chicago Sun-Times, 23 November, 6-8. Another on-the-set interview in Provincetown, perhaps the best. Mailer recalls in detail the arrangement with Cannon Films under which he came to direct the film version of Tough Guys Don’t Dance (84.17), and discusses his scripts, his actors, his marriage, his mother, his God and the films made from his novels. Accompanied by an Ebert article-interview, “Prospects are Good for Debra Sandlund,” who plays Patty Lareine in the film. Rpt: 88.6, 86.30 (partial). See other 1986 and 1987 entries.


“‘Three Cheers for Good Marks’: Writers on Their Prizes.” New York Times Book Review, 16 November, 3, 46. Excerpts from the National Book Awards acceptance speeches of William Faulkner, W.H. Auden, Philip Roth, Saul Bellow, Adrienne Rich, Joyce Carol Oates, Gloria Naylor and Mailer, who won the 1969 award in the arts and letters category for The Armies of the Night (68.8). His speech provided the title for this piece. The full speech appears in Existential Errands (72.7). See 69.3, 69.4.


“Accountability for Sale, Cheap.” Article by Willard Gaylin. New York Times, 16 November, Sec. 4, p. 23. Examination of the nature of responsibility with reference to various criminal cases, including Jack Abbott’s. Mailer is quoted briefly. See 1982 entries.


“He’s Putting His ‘Guys’ on Film.” Article-interview by Gregory Katz. USA Today, 12 November, Sec. D, pp. 1-2. Interviewed on the set of Tough Guys Don’t Dance in Provincetown, Mailer compares filmmaking and writing, and describes his film: “a study of American passions, a horror story, a murder mystery, a comedy and offbeat.” See 84.17, other 1986 and 1987 entries.


“Norman Mailer: The Author as Social Conscience.” Article-interview by Charlotte Buak, Gwen Thomas and Angela R. Dickey. Pencil Press Quarterly 1 (fall), 4, 6-7. Mailer talks to the editors of this new magazine after speaking at the University of Florida at Gainesville. Most of his comments concern the writerly life.


“Penned In.” Article by Richard Stern. Photographs by Inge Morath. Critical Inquiry 13 (autumn), 1-32; cover photographs of Mailer, Stern, Secretary of State Shultz and Grace Paley. Long first-person account of the major public (and some of the private) debate and discussion at the PEN Congress. Stern gives the best report on Shultz’s speech on the opening day of the PEN Congress, and the only one on Mailer’s argument (with Saul Bellow as witness) with E.L. Doctorow. See 85.1, 85.2, 85.6, 85.8, 85.9 and 1986 entries.


“Page Six: Filmmakers Beard Norman Mailer.” Column by unidentified writer. New York Post, 30 August, 6. Provides quotes from an unlocated Carole Mallory interview in L.A. magazine on Mailer’s deal with Cannon Films to star, along with his daughter Kate, in Jean-Luc Godard’s version of “King Lear,” and then direct the movie version of Tough Guys Don’t Dance (84.17). Mailer wrote the screenplays for both films, and both were produced, although Godard didn’t use Mailer’s script for “King Lear.” See 1986 and 1987 entries.


“Throwing Punches: Mailer on Mailer.” Interview by Jennifer L. Farbar. Esquire, June, 238-40, 243-44, 247-50. Mailer discusses a string of related topics with the daughter of his friend, Buzz Farbar: machismo, birth control, the 60s, homosexuality and the sexual revolution, with asides on J.F.K., “The White Negro” (57.1) and The Executioner’s Song (79.14). Rpt: 88.6.


“The Political-Literary Complex.” Article by Carol Iannone. Commentary, June, 64-67. A thoughtful retrospective overview of the PEN conference, with an emphasis on its contentious atmosphere: “Scarcely could a discussion of literature proceed for more than a quarter of an hour, it seemed, without turning sharply and decisively political. Brief excerpt from Mailer’s opening speech are given. See 85.1, 85.2, 85.6, 85.8, 85.9 and 1986 entries.


“When PEN Pals Collide.” Article by David Lehman. Partisan Review 53 (no. 2), 190-99. Balanced overview of the PEN Congress, including comment on the media coverage of the event. Mailer is quoted throughout. Two other articles on the PEN Congress appear in this number of Partisan Review, by Czeslaw Milosz and Adam Zagajewski, respectively. Mailer is not quoted in either. See 85.1, 85.2, 85.6, 85.8, 85.9 and 1986 entries.