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On 12 December, Taschen Books publishes an abridged version of Marilyn, Mailer, 1973 biography. Norman Mailer/Bert Stern/Marilyn Monroe was conceived by Lawrence Schiller using photographs by Bert Stern, and an abridged  text edited by J. Michael Lennon. In November “Norris Mailer: A Life in Words” is published in the Mailer Review. The first 166 pages […]

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“Norris Mailer: A Life in Words.” Mailer Review (2011). The first 166 pages of this issue are devoted to remembrances of Norris Church Mailer, who died on 11 November 2010, including many words from her husband. Rpt: 10.2.

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“Please Do Not Understand Me Too Quickly.” Interview by Michael Lee. In Winter Tales: Men Write about Aging, edited by Duff Brenna and Thomas E. Kennedy. Florham Park, NJ: Serving House Books, 15-37.

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Norman Mailer/Bert Stern/Marilyn Monroe. Conceived by Lawrence Schiller. Photographs by Bert Stern. Text edited by J. Michael Lennon. Los Angeles: Taschen, 12 December. 275 pp., oversize, $69.99. An abridged version of Marilyn: A Biography (73.30). Approximately 50 passages totaling 20,000 words were trimmed from the original text.

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“Norman Mailer’s Eclectic Life, as Seen Through His Last Home.” Article-interview by Joseph Berger. New York Times, 2 May. A portrait of Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights apartment, with his son Michael giving a guided tour. Mailer’s words are recalled by Michael. He said to him in his later years: “I could not have been the writer […]

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