“Top Ten things I Learned from Norman Mailer.” Transcript of a panel discussion among Peter Alson, Danielle Mailer, Elizabeth Mailer, and Jeffrey Michelson, with several quotations from Mailer, at the 2015 Mailer Society meeting in Provincetown.


“People Who Look Alike Are Alike.” Transcript of a speech given by Kate Mailer at the 2015 Mailer Society meeting in Provincetown, with quotations from her father.


The Collision.” Mailer Review, 10-16. Unpublished short story about a hockey game, Mailer’s first complete short story, written in January 1933, shortly before his tenth birthday. Preceded by a facsimile of the original manuscript from the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas-Austin.


The Fight. Los Angeles: Taschen, 15 July. 260 pp., $700, oversize, abridged, limited edition of 1974 copies. No dedication. Edited by Nina Weiner. Conceived by Lawrence Schiller. Photos by Howard Bingham and Neil Leifer. Introduction by J. Michael Lennon.

The Fight