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“Trial of the Warlock.” Playboy, December, 121-24, 126, 132, 232, 235-36, 240, 243-44, 246, 249-52, 254, 256. Screenplay adaptation of J.K. Huysmans’s 1891 novel, Lá-Bas. Playboy gave “Warlock” its annual award for best major work in fiction; it tied with an excerpt from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slapstick. Rpt: Playboy Stories: The Best of Forty Years of […]

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Maidstone: A Mystery. New York: New American Library, 1 October, softcover. Screenplay, 189 pp., $1.50. Dedication: “To Ricky Leacock, Donn Pennebaker, Nick Proferes, Jim Desmond, To Jan Welt and Lana Jokel and to Buzz Farbar.” Includes “A Combined Account of the Filming of Maidstone” drawn from accounts by Sally Beauman (68.17), J. Anthony Lukas (68.14) […]

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